I've noticed this pretty amazing video for the new 20syl track doing the rounds lately, I watched it in full for the first time about 3 hours ago and have had it on loop since. Pretty simple; but so, so pleasing to watch - I thoroughly reccomend.


Orlando producer Dromes has been on quite a few radars lately & everything about his new one screams 'summer, summer, summer'. Grab a free download over at Bandcamp and stick it on when the sun shines. 

Terracotta Blue

Returning from a 2 month blogging-break with this stunning track from Maryland producer Terracotta Blue, undoubtedly a glorious way to see through your Saturday. Download link up top.

June Minimix

Here's the June instalment of the minimix series; again just another excuse for me to post the non-new shit I play all the time, enjoy.


An absolutely phenomenal return from one of the best musical projects I've ever layed my ears on - Can't Do Without You marks the introduction to Caribou's forthcoming album Our Love. Released October 6th; it's gonna be a big one for sure.

Gilligan Moss

Gilligan Moss is without doubt one of the most talented & creative names around this year  - an opinion backed up completely by his recent remix for Glass Animals & now this. The original Christian Rich track doesn't really do it for me, proving (to me at least) that Gilligan's tweaks and alterations possess more than a special little something.