Apart from the fact that I've been reunited with some very close friends of mine who've returned from their travels today, this collab has been the only thing on my mind since it was tweeted by both artists last week. The pair met at SXSW just this March, both inspired by one another's music they've gone ahead with this; 'Fall Creek Boys Choir'.

It's become viral today, and is set to be released on the 29th. Initially I was a little apprehensive about listening to this. The idea of two of my favourite artists collaborating sounded too good to be true. But the result is far from disappointing. In fact, it's exactly what I was hoping for; a dream song.

The beat is so characteristic of Blake, and Justin's (Bon Iver's) vocals are of a really similar style to those in 'Woods'. There is even a hint of the subtle soft-rock elements featured in Bon Iver's new album. Yet despite my comparisons, it's so fresh and different. With most collaborations, it's clear that one artist has more influence than the other, yet these two manage to make this song so characteristic of their own music, but some how marry their sounds together beautifully, complimenting each beat with each word. A truly magnificent achievement.

I'd like an entire album to follow in due course. Take a listen here:

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