So this is the first time I've been approached by a band to review their stuff, which I'm obviously unbelievably excited about. And I have to say, what a gem I've come across!

This is a wonderful rework of Van Morrison's 'Moondance', it's called Marvellous Night and it's so typical of everything I like in music this year.

1) It's a remix that isn't shit - something which I'd have never expected to sound good reworked, turns out to be original and bloody good. I like it when I find those. However, to call this a remix I think would be a complete misuse of the word. It's an entirely different song which samples Van Morrison's voice, and so 'rework' is definitely the more appropriate term to use here. and...
2) it's chilled - anybody who reads ILNL enough knows that this song fits very neatly with the stuff that I like posting about the most.

listen to it here, we'd love to hear what you think:

just in case you're not too familiar with the original; here it is to contrast and compare:

Moondance by Difference Engine

From the 3rd of September, Retraplayer are embarking upon a tricky 7 songs in 7 day challenge. To hear what it's all about, keep clicking on the ILNL page as we'll be covering the challenge day by day. For now, here's another Retraplayer track which you can sink your ears in to:

Drinks in Helsinki by Retraplayer

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