7 Day Challenge - 3 & 4

These are Retraplayer's Day 3 and 4 songs. To refresh your memory; they have set themselves the challenge of writing, recording, producing and uploading a song a day for one whole week, based on a headline from one of the national newspapers they've chosen. I thought this sounded pretty interesting, it could either turn out to be bloody awful or a complete work of genius. So of course I chose to go along with it.

Day 3's song

Retraplayer inform us of the NHS. "Hospitals closing down. NHS and other Public Services crumbling as well as the reluctancy to reform. You can patch up a crumbling sandcastle with more wet sand for a little while but then eventually it stops being a sandcastle and just becomes a mess".

Hourglass by Retraplayer

Day 4 - The first official study, into the causes of the riots, has been announced.
What will they find??? I song about chavs.

Pharos by Retraplayer

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