I've got the 'Come A Little Closer EP' on repeat. It's the debut EP from Brighton based Mark Dobson, known as Ambassadeurs in this industry. And it's being released on October 10th by Jalapeno Records.

I couldn't really tell you what genre this was, it's a mix of pretty much 80% of the musical branches that I like. Increasingly I find that the best music can never be pinned down into one genre anymore, and I'd certainly go as far as to say that this is a fine example of the 'best kind of' music we have. In just 4 tracks; I can hear essences of hip-hop, electronica, dub and jazz; but there's probably more. It's very instrumentally focused but there are some beautiful vocals featured on here too - when I listen to this I sometimes catch myself being reminded of Bonobo. Especially with the track 'Higher Ground', and for me to compare an artist to Bonobo is a great compliment - he is virtually a musical god (in my opinion).

And so, because he's a nice chap, he's giving away the track 'M.O.P.E' for free - which I've added below. I've also put up the whole EP so you can stream it to your hearts content before buying it next month. You'll definitely enjoy this, so make sure you're comfortable and listen:

M.O.P.E by Ambassadeurs

Come a Little Closer E.P by Ambassadeurs

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