Total Babes

Total Babes is the side-project of a band I love, Cloud Nothings. One of the members is Chris Brown, when I first saw this, my mind was verging on literally blowing, but quickly I discovered (to my relief) that the shitty R & B singer had not crossed the border into this kind of music, and that there is in fact, a much cooler CB in the modern music world.

It's the type of music that's simple, happy Fuzzpop for sunny days and beach barbeques. Although the connotations of the warm melodies give you a little fuzzy feeling, the lyrics hold a particularly darker presence. The words border between melancholy and just down-right angry, particularly on 'How we Wanna Be', in which the words "reach right through my skin and turn my heart to gelatin" dance around the ear. The love-lost “Without Your Heart' gets your own heart renching a little more as it slows the pace down - bit of a contrast to the beach BBQ I was thinking of.

I love the whole lo-fi thing, it's pretty big at the moment; but everyone's trying to do it. I think there's a fine line between it working well and not working at all - it really depends on what the artist does with it. TB work it down to a tee, I love that heavy but disjointed sound, it doesn't overtake the music but just compliments it in all the right places. It just makes things sound so much cooler.

All in all, it's an album that reflects how you feel - if you're happy; it's happy, but if you're not, then it's bloody angry. You can stream here, enjoy:

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