We Are Losers

I'd like to introduce you to a lovely band called We Are Losers; hailing from Dublin, they have some nice Fuzzpop up their sleeves. They've just released their debut single 'Sunset Song/Cheerleader' on UK label Dance To The Radio; whose Roster is compiled of bands such as Esben & The Witch and Bear in Heaven. They've also managed to reach No 7 on the HypeM charts recently. So they're probably going to be hyped about by all the big names very soon.

Most definitely not losers in my eyes.

'Sunset song' is a very apt name for this first track, as it is the kind of song you'd want to listen to when watching the sun go down - it's happy and fun, but also has a pretty calming atmosphere to it thanks to the dreamy vocals.

Sunset Song by wearelosers

Next up is Cheerleader, the other half to the single - taking you to a happy place on behalf of me:

Cheerleader by wearelosers

oh and here's a personal favourite of mine:

About Face by wearelosers

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