Regal Safari

Regal Safari are a Brighton trio who specialize in making beautiful music, they're relatively new - making their first ever live appearance at London's Binnacle festival only last month. They've been hyped quite a lot over the last 6 months or so and it's pretty obvious to see why - I've just heard their remix of Kai Fish's 'My Anima', and it's quite simply wonderful. So if you haven't yet heard the delights of Regal Safari, now's a good time to sit back and listen.

Kai Fish - My Anima (Regal Safari Remix) by Regal Safari

'Only' is a track taken from their debut EP, conveniently titled 'RGLSFR' which was released only this summer, and it's by far my favorite. This song is something you could literally meditate to - relaxing into a complete state of calm in order to let your thoughts drift. Perfect listening. Head over to their bandcamp for a free download of the EP, right after you've listened to this:

Only by Regal Safari

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