Polaroid 85

I would sincerely like to thank the person who mailed this to me this morning - for I have now not only been cured of the flu, but I have also been introduced to Polaroid 85 - therefore all signs of my wallowing in self pity have dissapeared completely. I have to admit I was pretty much sold just by reading the words 'orchestral' and 'electronica' in the same sentence. Whenever I see the words married together, I flip and names such as Bonobo, Submotion Orchestra and Portishead stick at the front of my mind.
So I'm glad that the groups 'Fuzzy Mornings' EP did actually live up to my expectations. The compositional movements pair up with the instrumental array wonderfully, and the songs are sung - and even produced - with such feeling that it's quite hard to pick holes with this lot. To top it all off, you can download the entire EP for free right here:

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