Cloud Seeding

Brooklyn's Kevin Serra formed Cloud Seeding to collaborate with and showcase vocalists he admired - this is how he came to work with Marissa Nadler who offers her vocals to the astounding track Ink Jar.

Otherworldly Mystics have just released a limited edition cassette of "Ink Jar", featuring another track titled Unquestioning + a new remix of "Ink Jar" by John Askew; the guy who's produced stuff for Wild Flag, Dodos and House of Wolves. The Limited Edition cassette is available at Otherworldly Mystics cassette label on March 20th, 2012. You can pick one up here - there's only 100 of 'em available. So Bleek Records is also making the remix available for a limited time as a bonus download with the CD single in early April. For now you can stream below:

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