Rubber Beats [Volume 3]

I love it when I get surprises such as this in my inbox. Caoutchou is a digital imprint from Ghent, Belgium. They've been releasing music absolutely free since '08, today (April 1st) see's the release of the third volume from their Rubber Beats series. Their aim is to 'create a symbiosis of various musical styles', and it's fair to say they showcase a pretty eclectic mix. Volume 3 presents 22 tracks which demonstrate such a high degree of talent, proving that modern electronic music is just as much an art form as it is a form of entertainment. The quality of free music these days is incredible; stream the teaser mix below with details of the complete track listing - then click here for the DL link:

01 Digi G'Alessio - The years
02 Dr. Lazerlyde - Space funk journey
03 Pomrad - Paljaz
04 Herrmutt Lobby - Shabn
05 Ninjato - Des Chinois bourrés
06 Anders Wallden - Universal economy
07 Title - SL1200°
08 Alvin & The Chipsets - Design of my heart
09 Drafter - Kofi
10 Montgomery Clunk - Surrender
11 Bobby Tank - Klear need
12 Lunz - Leon lizard
13 1352.Harmonics - Out for green
14 Kappah - Atomic mushroom trip
15 Sk'p - Astravel
16 Spongemagnet - Laserchrome
17 Sküge - Crash test breaking neck
18 Coco Bryce - Moments in muff
19 Arbot - Derby
20 Sint - I saw you looking at the sun
21 The Coloured Chaos - Dive in
22 O For Odetta - Take five

Also, got to show you this wonderful little video created for one of the featured tracks by Spongemagnet:

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