Jack Steadman

Not only is he the front man of one of my favorite bands but he also seems to be an amazing solo producer, only further proving that he is one of the greatest guys I can think of.
I'd like to share with you two of his solo tracks which I feel are truly genius.

The first is Dedicace, and it's all his own doing, it's got a good feel to it, it's clever, and it's catchy. I must have played this at least 50 times the first week it went on to my iPod. And what's even better, you can download it right here.

dedicace by jack steadman

The second is his remix of Davids Lyre's 'In Arms', I played this to my flatmate and she absolutely loves it. If you've heard the original by David's Lyre, you'll understand how I can say that it's one of those examples of turning a half decent song into a brilliant one. It sounds completely different and has the distinct Steadman Sound that he now seems to be creating.
Kasia x

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