ViceLand #1

So I've not posted on here for a while, instead I've been working on a brand new flashy website.
As well as this I've managed to get my self the lovely role as one of the Vice Ambassadors for Leeds. So things are looking good.

Now if you like good-looking people in good-looking clothing then this may be for you:

G-Star has recently teamed up with Vice Style for their fourth collaborative film to celebrate G-Star's ongoing relationship with Gemma Arterton, as she fronts the brands womenswear for a second season. In this installment, Kim Taylor-Bennett flies out to Berlin to meet the actress at G-Star's Bread & Butter show, a trade fair event for contemporary clothing culture. Kim chats to Gemma on G-Star's RAW Ferry 01 - a tricked-out boat that looks more plush than anywhere any of the Vice Style staff live.
Check it out here,
Kasia x

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