Life in Music: The Past 3 Months

Having neglected ILNL for the past few months in order to create a bigger, better, newer website; a lot of music has passed through my ears which I feel the need to talk about.

Firstly Sunglasses, I simply HAVE to post the 'official' music video for 'Whiplash' as it's definitely one of the best music videos I think I've ever laid my eyes on. This song has everything in it to put you in a good mood; a good beat, some strings, and a reason to dance. Poppy AND original it's just...great, especially with the added bonus of 'Double Dick Ricky' as the main star of the video.

I'd also like to talk about Aquadrop, I have no idea where or how I found this song and it was quite a while ago now, but I can't get enough of it. I normally hate the 'wompwomp' certain types of Dubstep seem to be big on using. And even though 'It's Me' does this, it takes it so much further and isn't standard, dark and grimey Dubstep. It has originality and style written all over it, as well as a bit more of a fun feel to it - the kind of song you'd stick on at a party and everyone just suddenly comes alive.

Aquadrop - It's Me by F.X. Select

Finally, this is a song I heard only a couple of weeks ago by Sepalcure, it's called Fleur and it's absolutely beautiful. It has been labelled, again; as dubstep (forgive me for the theme), but it's a dreamy and ambient sound which I really can't get enough of. I'd definitely advise you to get hold of the Brooklyn duo's EP of the same title as the single, especially if you're a fan of the ever-emerging post-dubstep.
Kasia x

Sepalcure - Fleur by Melissa

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