The Rip Tide - it's out today and it's been very much anticipated.
They've always been a band that I love, the amount of times my mother's questioned why I listen to "eastern-block music" is comical.
The band does have this interesting european influence which is definitely unusual for a Sante-Fe originated, Brooklyn-based band. Some have criticised that you can not listen to a Beirut album the whole way through. I strongly beg to differ.

Zach Condon is a hugely talented man, but my only worry with having listened to the whole of the new album is that it may not be as heart-felt and simply as brilliant as 'The Flying Club Cup'(by far my favourite album of theirs). Aesthetically, I think 'The Rip Tide' is a kind of continuation from 'March of the Zapotec'; which I must say was a slight let down.
Yet despite my scepticism it's definitely pretty and Zach still manages to create beauty from a flugelhorn. The album definitely does contain the odd gem, in particular 'East Harlem' which is already out as a limited edition single. Take a listen...

Beirut - East Harlem by Revolver USA

Yet I'm worried that with their ever growing popularity, they seem to be drifting further away from stuff like this..
Kasia x

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