Laura Marling

Her third album is due out next month, titled 'A Creature I Don't Know'. I've not heard too much of it yet but from what I can gather it's going to be note-worthy.

She's a very dark horse, pretty much literally. Her lyrics; the things she sings about can sometimes be overlooked, as often all you concentrate on is the voice itself and not what is being said. She sings of pain, weakness and things so personal you can't help but respect her. Some of which she wrote as young as 13 years old. Yet as she's matured, so has her music. And it all fits together so well.

To understand what I mean, you'd have to hear her first album (Alas I cannot Swim), which I am still very much in love with. But with 'Alas I Cannot Swim', the lyrics can easily be drowned out by the deceivingly calm and almost jolly feel to a lot of the tracks. Of course this doesn't matter, as she was only 17 when the first album was released, and for someone at an age that many would still see her as child; it's beautifully faultless. 'Cross Your Fingers' illustrates exactly what I mean:

Cross Your Fingers Laura Marling by mouldyfungus

But she didn't release her second album until she was 20, and these were 3 years of life which shined through in the entire album. I was surprised as to how much her music had matured and developed then. But now, only a year and a half later she sounds like she's lived twice as long as she actually has. Listening to 'A Creature I don't Know'; it's evident she has grown-up and become a woman. Everything is much more poetic, and highlights emotion rather than disguises it. Yet she's always been genuine and meaningful, and I'm glad with the knowledge that she's retained this quality which is key to her music. Here's the beautiful official video to the single of the same name as the album:

Just to mix it up a little, I'm going to potentially offend a lot of people who love Miss Marling. With an open mind you should treat your ears to this remix of 'I Speak Because I can'; taken from the last album of the same name - this is the 'Engine-Earz Experiment' take on what was a beautiful folk song. But I love it, it's not very often that you come across a (...dubstep) remix, which takes two styles which couldn't be more different, and combines them whilst at the same time managing to preserve the emotion and feel of the original song. This version is also original enough to form it's own kind of genius. So you can download it straight from this link. enjoy x

Speak because I can - Laura Marling - (Engine-EarZ Experiment Refix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Engine-EarZ Experiment

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