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Home from my travels. Well, Ireland isn't exactly far but a week away has given me enough time to listen to a lot of the shit on my iPod that has never really been played, some of it has actually just turned out to be shit. But some of it is pretty bloody good. I've picked a few out that I think you should really know about:

So this is interesting, Possimiste is an 18 year-old 'uber-experimentalist' Estonian girl. She's a composer, singer and self proclaimed hippy. She's only been around for a year and 'Behind the Seas' is her fourth single. Her music's hard to define, fitting somewhere in the category of experimental folk. She's influenced by the likes of Debussy, Bjork & Sigur Ros, which is evident in this gentle but mysterious song.
Behind The Seas by Possimiste

Too Beautiful to Work by The Luyas is going to more than likely with in my top 10 for the best songs of 2011. It was released closer to the beginning of the year, which is when I first heard it. I instantly fell in love with it, but I don't think it's gotten as much credit as it deserves so far. As a band I'm not too sure of their overall sound but this song is definitely quite special. It's confused and sometimes seems disjointed but it's done in a way which really fits with the overall idea of the song - the title speaks for itself, and it definitely is pretty.
The Luyas - Too Beautiful to Work by Idée Fixe Records

I really like Stumbleine. It's completely ambient, but goes beyond that style that has become ever so popular recently. Ember is taken from the Rose Tinted EP, which is a masterpiece of smoothly layered and carefully produced tracks. Despite the ambient tag Stumbleine is under, you couldn't really put him into the same category as artists like Washed Out; who in comparison, sound mainstream and uninteresting. The mysterious beats and subtle tones in 'Ember' create a parallel of unfamiliarity and interest, as well as ambience and beauty.
Take a listen and enjoy,
Kasia x
Ember by Stumbleine

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