7 Day Challenge - Day 1

So recently a band called Retraplayer told me about this little project they were doing. They're aim was to choose a headline from one of the national newspapers, and they were then to write, record and produce a song based on that headline. In a day. I thought this sounded pretty interesting, it could either turn out to be bloody awful or a complete work of genius. So of course I chose to go along with it.

Retraplayer are best known for supporting Metronomy live, as well as their remixes for Beach House & Two Door Cinema Club, but their steadily making a name for themselves in their own right.

The first installment was uploaded just minutes before the deadline and it's called 'The Wire' - no prizes for guessing what news story they chose for this song....(Wilileaks). I'm not too sure about the intro to the song, but when the vocals come in, I find it quite hard to believe this song was made from start to finish in just one day! It's pretty darn good. The band are currently working on their day 2 track as I'm typing these words which will be posted here tomorrow. Take a listen to 'The Wire' here:

The Wire by Retraplayer

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