:papercutz cover The Cure

papercutz have covered The Cure's 'Disintegration' ('89), a great song by a legendary band. The Cure go down in the UK as one of the greatest indie bands ever to have graced the airwaves.

I like papercutz, but most of the time I don't like covers. although, I was really surprised to find myself actually really liking this effort. It doesn't ruin the original for one, in fact, the bands style actually compliments and maintains the atmosphere of the original song really well. It's one of those covers which is clever enough to have something original about it, it's nice dream-pop; and the delicate vocals especially manage to capture the song's style as well as the bands own creativity. You can listen to AND download it here. Well done papercutz:

:papercutz - Disintegration (The Cure Cover) by :papercutz

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