Thom Yorke

A couple of weeks ago, the Radiohead frontman put out a remix for xfm - now I don't really rate Radiohead, and I think Thom's a bit of a twat. But, when I heard this mix, my mind was blown, and I instantly gained mountains of respect for Thom once again. He's done some stuff with Burial & Four Tet earlier in the year which was also amazing, but it sounded more like Burial than anything else. So here I present to you 'Twist', something which is completely different to 'The Eraser' or anything else Thom has churned out in the past. It's so refreshing to hear, in the sense that you become extremely aware of how talented this man really is. The song itself is extremely bassy, and (luckily) there isn't any attempt made to steal the track with his voice at all, instead; the voice is sampled and cut down as nothing more than a sound effect. Bo Bo & Rosca's remix of Modeselektors 'Art & Cash' also features heavily towards the end, but I don't think this takes anything away from the genius of the whole track. Well done Thom. Listen & download here:

Thom Yorke - Twist

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