Le Common Diamond

Le Common Diamond are a french duo, they've released a new 7" , and they've completely exceeded my expectations. I should know by now not to judge an entire song by the intro. Both songs begin with synths, a dangerous move in my book - it instantly makes me think that I'll be hearing some kind of jarring synth-pop blandness. But no, my opinion completely reversed as soon as the vocals and guitar came in. The edginess of the vocals combined with the classic but disjointed
guitar riffs completely change the mood that the synths originally created. And once the beat of the drums kick in, the tracks become something completely refreshing and different. There's a subtle element of darkness once all the layers are combined, which I think makes both of these tracks stand out. Not what I expected at all, this duo is a very good find; working with a blend of styles which produces a very unique and unexpectedly clever sound. Listen to & download Le Common Diamond's 7" via their bandcamp here:

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