Memoryhouse are back, and have finally announced the release of their first LP - titled The Slideshow Effect. The first and only other thing to be heard from Memoryhouse previously was The Years EP - a record I really loved. Yet the constant remastering/scrapping/revamping of this EP alone makes them seem forgotten yup until now. This brought a kind of uncertainty to what Memoryhouse actually were - it was pretty clear the duo hadn't yet found a sound they were truly happy with themselves yet.

But after a proper sit down, they've managed to come up with a full-length studio album which they seem to be happy with. The Slideshow Effect isn't being released until February, so we're treated to a freebie taster in the form of The Kids Were Wrong. This is very different to the simple but delicate bedroom recording style of The Years - I can even detect a strong Fleetwood Mac influence here. Yet the pair still preserve that dreamy, calming sound I fell in love with when I first heard The Years and still manage to do it well. I hope their debut LP does them justice. Treat yourself to a free download of the new single here:

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