Things just seem to keep getting better & better for Orlando's Marcel Everett(XXYYXX), he's just dropped a new self-titled album, his sophomore follow up to "Still Sound". This time the whole chillwave tag has been dropped for a much darker sound which fits in a lot more comfortably with the likes of Salem or Clams Casino. This is a release which not only exemplifies a matured sound, but pretty solidly cements respect for Marcel's music.

I don't like to single artists out for their age, but this guys 16, and the sheer quality on this record really outstands alot of what I've heard from producers double his age - give him 10 years and this guy's going to take over the world or something.

Definite highlights are the beautiful 'About You' and 'Never Leave'. I have to hand it to Relief in Abstract, it seems that every release they have on the cards is pretty special, I strongly urge you to download as much as you can. You'll never regret it, so pick up XXYYXX's album below - name your price via Bandcamp! Enjoy.

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