Dead Bugs

I'm posting about music with a lot less of an electronic-y influence lately, which i'm pleased about cos it proves my love for the guitar is not yet dead. It's kind of like being reintroduced to an old friend you haven't seen for like a year and getting on as if they've never left.

So I've got to tell you about this Dead Bugs LP, its called Of a Feather and it's been available digitally since February, but it's gonna be released on vinyl towards the end of the year so it's worth a mention. I forgot how folk music can take you on this weird journey where one track can make everything seem so pretty and wonderful but a couple of minutes later you can be completely thrown off by another track which sends you into some hole to cry for a few hours - the contrast between Unbearable Weight and Full of Gold kind of shows exactly what I mean. It sounds pretty cheesy but I love folk music like this precisely because you can feel so much from something pretty simple.

The track I've chosen to stream below is my favourite, I can't get over the contrast of that girl's voice. You can stream the rest of the album here. It's a measly $1 to buy all 10 tracks; that's just 63 British pennies.

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