Trawling through Soundcloud I came across this,it's called OnesNoughts and it's by Oloff. There's not really much I can tell you about him/her/them yet cause I can find absolutely nothing, except this one post from Lost Lost Lost on a previous track. But what I can tell you is that I was completely enchanted by this piece of music within about 5 seconds of pressing the play button. There's something so delicate about the piano that I can't seem to get over, again this is one of those tracks where it's all about the building up and pairing of multiple sounds - there's a lovely soft beat that comes at in after about 30 seconds and it all just takes off from there. I'm liking that whole thing a lot lately, without sounding too silly it really does make music sound like art. But I have to say this is very very special, you can download it absolutely free below:

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